Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dragon, take 2

 I decided to do another try on the dragon, this time a little different and I think it came out just the way I wanted!


So, now this is a dragon! Am I right or am I right? :P
oh and for some reason the thumbnail is rotated, I have no idea why. Sorry about that lol



DrQmn1 said...

if this is a dragon where are all the flames?

mac-and-me said...

its a dragon

Voit said...

It's definitely a mighty dragon. But today I'm in the mood for noticing stupid things: the dragon's big torso and lack of right arm make it look like its right arm is shown and the whole dragon is occupied with an activity google wouldn't like me to discuss here :D

Unless it was your intention to make a kinky dragon, this can be fixed simply by adding more detail (like right arm or something). Keep up!

fabio_2007 said...

looks great

FrenchNeo said...

it's more a dragon than a chicken but it's more a disosaur than a dragon. I'd like fire =)

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