Sunday, March 6, 2011


Anyone else feeling the blues on Sundays? The weekend is ending, the relaxing and partying is over. Tomorrow is another day of school or work, which we are practically forced to do if we want to survive in the society we created  >_<

So, how do you spend your Sundays? How do you end your weekend?

I did a bit of studying, shopping and now I don't really want to do anything, I will probably download star wars and watch it again in the evening before going to sleep. Most of my Sundays are this boring unless I am on a competition for fencing abroad.


G said...

yeah Sundays can suck

Dwrek said...

Everything is closed, and I really need to get this stuff done. Sundays suck

Glovey said...

Sundays are my work days :( I do all my uni work on that day :(

mac-and-me said...

i love sundays

but hate mondays

MrFredrik said...

Its poker time at sundays. Every day is poker

las3R said...

Ahah, Sundays, usually Sunday Dinner d;

Voit said...

Yeah, I remember the time when I started anticipating monday's blues and disliking sunday. A few years later, when sunday was my least favourite day, I started anticipating it and feeling bad even on Saturday, which had been my favourite day... I had to stop the pattern, or I would hate the whole week eventually, so now I just don't care about weekdays and don't drink till morning.

Innovations said...

sundays are pretty cool!

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